At Haller, we believe that any farmer can thrive from any plot of land

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Millions of people around the world have little choice but to settle on barren land.

Over the course of 50 years, Haller has developed affordable, scalable and sustainable methods that harness nature to make that land fertile again.

We are helping Kenyan communities to farm the 'unfarmable', transforming the prospects for people who call it home for years to come.

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Creating an impact across Kenya

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Let’s change the land and the lives of millions.

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Water Security

The community digs a dam, bioloo (to protect the water basin) and stone-lined well (in case of drought).


Introducing communities to new sources of nutrition and income.


Using nature to make soil fertile again.

Demonstration Plots

Exploring and demonstrating how to get the most out of land.

Farmer Training

Equipping farmers with the skills to grow their yields and their profits.

The Haller Process

Our Work: The Haller Journey

We help smallholder farmers improve water security and revitalise barren soil - kick-starting natural processes that make land fertile, farmable and the foundation for stronger communities. We call this process the Haller Journey.

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We want to reach as many smallholder farmers as possible

Taking advantage of the digital tech revolution in Africa to connect to millions of smallholders through our farmers app

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How do you put 60 years of farming research into the hands of thousands of smallholder farmers?

Our solution is The #HallerFarmersApp. A free mobile platform providing small scale farmers with affordable, organic and environmentally friendly farming techniques.


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