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We decided to donate funds to The Haller Foundation having been struck... (Read more) Andrew Crichton – Executive Chairman, Caversham SA, Geneva, a leader in Wealth Management
I have seen at first hand how Haller has transformed communities ... (Read more) Janice Lee – Janice Lee Philanthropy
Haller have been one of British Airways flagship partners for over eight years... (Read more) Mary Barry – Director of Community Relations, British Airways
Haller is one of the most exciting and inspiring projects we have seen.... (Read more) Sita Schutt – Director, Prospero World
When I visited the Haller project at Mombasa I was deeply impressed by the simple but effective ... (Read more) Lord David Steel
We could clearly see that Haller has successfully transformed the lives of the communities it works with and has helped to give them and other local communities a vision for the future... (Read more) Bo Kim, Mako Group
Haller's demonstration farms and farmer field training programme are the Oxford and Cambridge of agriculture.... (Read more) Edward Oatley, MBE
Dr Haller is a national treasure to Kenya. He has demonstrated through patience and hard work that deserts can be greened in a sustainable manner. 50 years later he is still working with our fellow Kenyans to make sure they are living in harmony with their environment.... (Read more) Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources
Rene Haller is a legendary figure on the coast of Kenya where his work on land reclamation and small scale ecosystem development is widely admired... (Read more) Emma Soames – Editor at Large, Saga
There are times in a persons’ life that you meet someone that changes the way that you think. Today I had the privilege to meet such a man.... (Read more) Francois Joubert – ESH Lead Africa, Monsanto

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what we do

Our work is based on the techniques of the award-winning environmentalist, Dr. Rene Haller, a UNEP Global Laureate renowned for his restoration of cement quarries in Kenya. We use a similar model of environmental regeneration to bring economic security to poor, small-holder farmers living on inhospitable land.

We address communities’ basic needs through an integrated set of programmes in water, farming, education, health, alternative energy and nano-enterprise. Haller’s community partnerships are not quick fixes, rather they offer long term, life-skills training which empower farmers and their children to lead self-sufficient and sustainable lives.



Haller’s water programme helps small-holder farmers harvest water, and then use it effectively and safely. Access to water is the first step to helping communities overcome poverty; it underpins food production, health, education, and improved livelihoods.

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Farmer Field Training

Farmer Training

Haller offers practical lessons on simple, affordable ways to improve soil quality, food production and more. Informed by Dr. Haller’s extensive research, Haller’s sustainable farming methods are recognised as models of best-practice by Kenya’s Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, the United Nations Development Programme and many international consulates.

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Education underpins all of Haller’s programmes, as we teach poor communities to build sustainable lives for themselves. Haller also runs the award-winning Nguuni Education Centre, which is home to Kenya’s first free children’s library, and supports 17,000 children from the slums around Mombasa each year

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Haller provides poor, rural communities with access to affordable healthcare and health education. We have a comprehensive immunisation programme, and help prevent disease by teaching communities about hygiene, malaria and HIV-Aids. Kenya’s Ministry of Health has called our health programme a model for best practice.

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Alt Energy

Alternative Energy

Traditional use of firewood for fuel causes deforestation, soil degradation, and respiratory illness from breathing in smoke. Respiratory infections are the number one cause of death in children in developing countries. Haller encourages people to use alternative sources of energy. We install solar panels, and show people how to build and run simple biogas digesters.

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Urban Slum Garden

Bustani Urban Garden

First and foremost, Haller works in rural areas, showing farmers how to regenerate land and make a sustainable living in a low-tech way. Haller’s Bustani garden brings these innovative techniques to help people in urban environments improve their quality of life.

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Nano Enterprise

All of Haller’s programmes bring money to poor communities, showing them the positive benefits of sustainable thinking. Haller’s nano-enterprise programme helps people to set up small businesses, and manage their money effectively.

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