Meet the Board

Louise Piper Chair & Founder London

Louise grew up in Africa, where her father worked for 35 years. After graduating with a law degree from Cambridge, she spent nearly 20 years working as an investment banker with JP Morgan in the financial markets of London, New York and the Far East. As a colleague of Guido, she was captivated by the stories of his father’s work in Africa and travelled to Kenya to meet him. Louise was inspired by Dr Haller and the potential for the Haller model to transform lives in the rural communities of sub-Saharan Africa. She co-founded The Haller Foundation in 2004 to raise funds to champion Dr. Haller’s principles and develop his ideas.

In 2017, Louise was awarded the Points of Light Award from the office of the Prime Minister for the role she has played at Haller.

Dr. René Haller Life President Kenya

Haller’s namesake, Dr. René Haller, is a Swiss-born naturalist, trained in horticulture, landscaping and tropical agronomy. He is best known for his transformation of a barren cement quarry in Mombasa, Kenya into the ecological wonder now known as Haller Park. In 1987, René was awarded the United Nations Environment Programme Global 500 Roll of Honour, for his ‘outstanding environmental achievements.’ In 1991, he received the Swiss Brandenberger prize, and was awarded with an honorary doctorate from the University of Basel.

Jonathan Ford Trustee London

Jonathan is Founding Partner and Chief Creative Officer of Pearlfisher, a leading international creative agency. Having designed some of the world’s most loved challenger and iconic brands, Jonathan believes that good design can shape a better future and he has won numerous awards for his work. An advocate of the power of creativity to inspire change, Jonathan is inspired by design thinking and the challenger ideas adopted by The Haller Foundation to make change and realise innovation, improving both lives and the environment.

Dany Haller Trustee Kenya / London

Dany is the youngest son of René Haller and was raised with his father’s innovative ideas and practises. He has a Bsc in Biology & Economics and an MSc in Aquaculture. Alongside running his own successful business, a crocodile farm in the Tana River Delta, Dany is involved hands on with Haller and volunteers his time regular to ensure the smooth running and oversight of Haller Kenya Projects.

Guido Haller Trustee London

Born and raised in Kenya, Guido is René Haller’s eldest son. He grew up immersed in the world of his father’s explorations and experiments, leading to Guido receiving a Masters degree in Zoological Sciences from Stirling University. A career in investment banking has taken him to the Far East, Switzerland and London, where he met Louise Piper. He is an active intellectual and financial supporter of Dr Haller’s work.

Robert Otterson Trustee London

Rob graduated from Oxford University with a MEng in Engineering Science. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant whilst training with PWC in London and has since worked for several investment banks across finance, strategy and governance roles. He is currently Company Secretary for ICBC Standard Bank Plc and was introduced to Haller through his previous CSR work.