Meet the team

Alia Malik CEO Haller HQ

Alia is an international development economist and social entrepreneur with 10 years experience including a year on projects scaling Tech for Good businesses. Alia trained in development economics at Cambridge (MPhil 2007) and Georgetown (BSFS 2004) and has worked on the ground with international development organizations in Bhutan, China, India, Kenya, Malawi and Vietnam as well as at the UN headquarters level at the Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome. She co-founded and managed Chinese social enterprise, Shangrila Farms, from 2009 to 2012. Alia sits on the board of Shangrila Farms partner charity, YMHF.

Julia Stone App Management Haller UK

Since gaining a Masters in History from the University of Edinburgh, Julia has developed a passion for education. Over the last ten years she has developed her skills as a corporate communications professional, using this to co-found, project manage and promote the development of an educational app for GCSE students (Revision Buddies) – creating intuitive content and developing communication strategies that have helped over half a million students do better in their exams. Expanding on her focus on the EdTech Revolution and Tech for Good, she has joined the team to help take the Haller app to its next stage – with the aim of making it as intuitive and accessible as possible in order for it to reach a wider audience with the possibility making a real impact on organic farming production for Kenya’s poorest farmers.

Erla Magnusdottir Operations Haller HQ

Erla is an experienced operations professional in the charity sector, with nine years experience running development programmes, including working closely with governments, civil society, and partner organizations, and in corporate operations. She has an MSc in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Erla worked from 2010 - 2015 as the China programme manager of an international NGO, BasicNeeds. Prior to that Erla worked for other NGOs both in China, India and London and in operations for a medical supply company, SASN Medical Supplies, which allows her to bring together experiences from different sectors. Erla moved to London in 2015 and is excited to have joined Haller where she will be working alongside the team to improve overall operations.

Kelly Trendall Administrator Haller HQ

Kelly has worked in Finance for over twenty years and was a self-employed bookkeeper for fifteen of those. She came on board with Haller in 2008 and has seen it grow from strength to strength. She is responsible for our administration and various fundraising events, which incorporates her love of running and sport.

Lauren Refaat Business Development Haller HQ

Lauren is an international development professional, experienced in research, analysis and business development. She worked for five years on socioeconomic development for urban slums in Cairo, poor rural areas in Upper Egypt and Bedouin communities in Egypt’s Western Desert. Lauren has also volunteered for three years in service delivery and charity income generation – at an orphanage in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and for Save the Children in the UK. She holds an MSc in Urbanisation and Development from LSE. Lauren believes wholeheartedly in environmental sustainability and social development

Will Acker Innovation Haller HQ

Will is an environmental engineer turned environmental and social impact assessor, sustainability advisor and urban sanitation researcher. Will has worked in Brazil, Mozambique, Uganda and Vietnam and speaks fluent Portuguese. He has an MSc (received distinction) in Environmental Engineering from UCL, is a published author and a fellow of the Chadwick Trust. Will is a dedicated tinkerer with a passion for community-scale sustainable design and has worked with aquaponics systems, anaerobic digesters, vermicomposters, biomass burners and more. Outside of Haller he forms one half of an urban agriculture partnership that designs and builds automated systems for growing vegetables indoors.

Alex Lawrenson Programmes Haller HQ

Alex joined Haller after completing his MA in Environmental Public Policy at the University of East Anglia. With a background in politics and environmental campaigning, Alex is passionate about sustainability and community-focused development. Prior to joining Haller, he worked for the Green Party of England and Wales and has experience in policy analysis, research and fundraising.

Emma Hooper Voluntary Advisor Haller Nigeria

Emma is passionate about partnerships and works on African related projects both in the NGO and commercial sector. She has a Masters from the School of Oriental and African Studies in Government and Politics of Africa. She speaks intermediate Yoruba and is well versed in Development Economics. She has in depth knowledge of Africa - politics, culture and economics - and likes to travel to the continent whenever she gets the opportunity. Previously, Emma worked in Financial Services for three years in a trading firm.

Nomusa Taylor-Dube Voluntary Advisor Haller Kenya

Nomusa is based in Nairobi, Kenya and has extensive work experience across the African continent in public and private sector. With a BA and MA from York University (Canada), Nomusa started her career in international development as a microfinance fellow with Engineers Without Borders in Ghana and working in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya as a health research consultant with the United Nations. In 2012, Nomusa shifted to consulting for mobile and web platforms in East Africa including mSurvey, EatOut & Esoko on business development, strategy and regional expansion. Nomusa is passionate about the appropriate and accessible use of mobile and web technologies to advance the needs of the African continent.

Anastacia Cheruiyot Farmer Training Manager Haller Kenya

A passionate organic farmer, an ethno-botanist and a plant conservation biologist, with a wealth of experience as a forestry researcher and as a lab researcher at the University of Natal and Agricultural Research Council in South Africa, and with MSc, BSc(hons) and BSc degrees from the University of Kwazulu Natal, diploma from St Mary’s Wantage, Oxfordshire, UK and recipient of awards from the Society of Chemical Industry UK and the Science and Technology Congress, Kenya.

Dr. Dossaji Hatim(MBCHB) Haller Kenya

Running the health department. Seeing patients at Nguuni Health Centre, going for outreaches where I run the mobile clinic. I make sure everything at the clinic is runningly smoothly and also have the added responsibility to make sure to the drugs are available, the laboratory stock is also up to date. I also perform minor surgery at the clinic which I really love doing and have a passion for it.

Gideon Amboga Chief Operations Officer Haller Kenya

Joined The Haller Foundation Kenya in 2008 and has been with the organization all through and seen it grow. He co-ordinates Haller activities and programs in collaboration with other Stakeholders and in line with government departments and ensures projects are completed within the time frame set. Gideon has a background in Conservation and Environment Management with experience of over 30 years and has trained Community Development both locally in Kenya and overseas.

Maureen A.Ayienga Admin Assistant Haller Kenya

Joined The Organization in the year 2010.

Main duties - Accounts / Admin. and Purchasing duties.

Interest in Poultry Farming and Baking traditional Millet / Sorghum Bread at the Demonstration Farm.

Michael Mjomba Community Field Mobiliser Haller Kenya

Joined The Haller Foundation team in 2008 since the inception.

Michael has worked in Various Departments with a wide range of experience with community groups in the Outreach including excavations of : Water Pans, Wells and Eco Sanitary Facilities.

Also co-ordinating Farmer Training , Environmental activities and ground Implementation with the grass root Farmers.

Sonal Singh Administration Haller Kenya

Meet Sonal, assistant to Dr Haller. With 26 years experience in administration, she has been with Haller since its inception with a two member staff and has seen it grow to a holistic oriented organisation serving the rural poor communities.

Besides overseeing daily program implementation, she is passionate on environmental conservation and therefore, coordinates the turtle conservation project since 2003 and incorporates it with beach cleanup events.

James Konde Gilead Farm Operations Haller Kenya

James a graduate from Pwani University, Kenya with a Diploma in Agricultural Education and Extension is a trained teacher and extension officer. He joined Haller fraternity in the year 2014 and has been enthusiastic in innovative sustainable farming techniques.

He’s acting in capacity of a Farm Technical Assistant. Alongside his current position he is in-charge of the Haller Framers App in Mombasa Kenya having high passion in community development activities.