COVID-19 Update

Thank you to our community of supporters and organizations who have donated to our COVID-19 Appeal.  We have been genuinely touched by the donations that have been made so far and it just goes to show the strength of people coming together and thinking of others.

In preparing our communities for the inevitable spread of Coronavirus, we are focusing our support in three areas:


* We are offering free medication, testing and hospital transportation.
* Mobilising community chiefs and farming mentors to help us urgently educate as many people as possible about the virus.
* Installing simple hand washing stations and delivering Haller manufactured detergents and sanitisers (we are sharing these recipes/formulas on social media).

Food Production

* We are encouraging planting on all available land now before the rainy season due at the end of the month.
* Delivering free seeds to all 50 communities, and will supply the Ministry of Agriculture with seeds to help communities Haller doesn’t support.
* Delivering extra fish fingerlings, chickens and beehives to as many communities as we can.

* The Haller Community Outreach teams have been trained to ensure best practice and consistency of message.
* Haller Kenya have started clearing fallow land at its Farmer Training Centre in Mombasa to provide allotment spaces to landless local families. To date, 20 x 1000m2 plots have been prepared and are ready for families to plant. Each plot is big enough to feed a family of between 10-15 members. Our aim is to prepare enough land to support a further 80 families, so this would be approximately 1500 direct beneficiaries from this alone.

Water Security

Communities gather in large numbers to access well water. We want to install as many 5000 litre water tanks and pumps as we can finance, so that we can reduce congestion at the wells and support the food production initiative.

We have the ability to address some of these issues in the communities we work with, with your support.

Thank you and stay safe.