Record Numbers for our Farmer Field Open Day!

We were delighted with the turnout to our Farmer Field Open Day on 21st September, with a total of 236 attendees made up of:

• 165 school children: 70 boys and 95 girls
• 71 community members: 33 men and 38 women

The day involved children from our Youth Farming Project presenting their crops and sharing knowledge to the other members of the communities, which was fantastic and it gave both the children and adult attendees a chance to see first-hand, the working of our aquaponics system and fish farming which can then, with our help, be implemented in the communities.

Dr Rashida, the doctor-in-charge at our Nguuni Health Clinic, also showed the health benefits of some of the crops we encourage our farmers to grow, such as Artemisia to help treat Malaria, Turmeric for infections and asthmatic patients and Aloe Vera for burns and inflammation.

It was also an opportunity for others to share their innovative ideas, such as Patience Komora, a 22 year old Agriculture and Technology student, who showcased her amazing and innovative greenhouse, constructed from over 900 wasted plastic bottles!

A huge well done to our Kenya team for their hard work and dedication, all of which made the day such a great success.

(please take a look at a few photos from the day by clicking on the bold text)