Family Planning Success with Milgis Trust

Family Planning Success with Milgis Trust

For the past three years, in collaboration with Haller, Milgis Trust has executed a Family Planning Project directed at the education and empowerment of women through natural family planning methods.  This project was developed in an attempt to influence the sustainability of the Ndoto ecosystem, which suffers from overpopulation and unsustainable farming methods.

We have reached 36 communities over a 6,000 square kilometre area of some of the most remote places in Northern Kenya, most of whom have never received any form of healthcare or education.  The Family Planning Project has used a gentle and practical approach to shifting attitudes and raising awareness.  By creating an infrastructure of trust and education, this project has successfully initiated the introduction of natural family planning methods to almost 13,000 people

For Milgis’s full report, click on Haller & Milgis Trust Family Planning Project





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