GravityLight Donation Brings Lighting to Off-Grid Communities

GravityLight Donation Brings Lighting to Off-Grid Communities

The most recent development in Haller’s ongoing efforts to use alternative energy, is the use and distribution of GravityLights. The GravityLight is an exciting innovation in sustainable lighting, using a combination of kinetic and gravitational potential energy to generate power. An elevated weight, connected to a pulley system, is lifted; as the weight slowly descends, the generator is powered, providing instant light.

The GravityLight Foundation has given us 2,500 GravityLights to continue our focus on alternative energy use. Clean energy sourcing has formed an imperative part of Haller’s mission to assist rural Kenyan communities in their sustainable development. Solar energy, for example, is used to run Haller’s Nguuni Education Centre, health centre, agricultural training farms, and aquaponic centres.

To encourage the future use of clean and sustainable energy, Haller has introduced solar lighting and solar phone charging stations into Kenyan communities. However, 85% of the communities that Haller supports do not have access to a reliable source of electricity. Instead, lamps powered by kerosene are the most accessible form of lighting. Not only is kerosene an environmental pollutant, it also poses a multitude of dangers for its users, including respiratory illness, kerosene poisoning, and a heightened potential for fire destruction.

The introduction of GravityLights provides safer lighting for the communities that Haller works with.  Moreover, GravityLight is a self-sustainable system; once it is installed, the user is relieved of ongoing running costs such as batteries, or kerosene refills.



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