One Boy’s Opportunity

11 year-old Hussein Luva Said passed his primary school level exams with flying colours in 2006, earning himself a place at a prestigious national school.


Then his parents told him they couldn’t afford the fees. So Hussein decided to study on his own and found all the resources he needed at the free Haller Education Centre at Nguuni where he buried himself in books. His O Level results were amongst the best in the country.



Ten years on, Hussein is running the Nguuni Youth Group, which he founded himself and registered with the Ministry of Youth and Gender. After approaching a youth sponsoring NGO, the group was given a loan that they have used to run goat rearing and bee keeping projects. The NGO also gave Hussein a University scholarship that will see him through his studies as well as sponsor his Youth Group that he chairs even when he is away studying.



Hussein credits the Nguuni Education Centre for everything he has achieved so far and calls it his “second home”.