Journey(s) Come To An End……

Journey(s) Come To An End……

We’re delighted to announce that 12 Community Based Organisations (CBOs) have recently graduated from their 4-year-long Haller Journeys having reached the milestones that had been set at the outset.

These incredible journeys began with the WASH projects focusing specifically on improving Water, Sanitation and Health for the entire community.

Following this, Haller provided each one of these 12 communities with the basic farmer training needed to improve the quality of the soil.  Each community then learned advanced farmer training, including Fish Farming, BeeKeeping and rearing Chickens.  As a result, these recent farmers have both the skills and the knowledge that they need in order to live sustainably and lift themselves out of poverty.

Those communities that have now completed their remarkable Haller Journeys are listed below:

1. Upendo Dzanikeni
2. Nuru Dzanikeni
3. Jitegemee
4. Ufanisi
5. Upendo Marimani
6. Sere Women
7. Tupendane
8. Marimani Women
9. Nguu Tatu Farmers
10. Dzanikeni
11. Imani
12. Upendo Nguu Tatu

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