Our Vision

Unleashing the power of people and nature to create thriving communities and ecosystems.

Our Vision is to empower smallholder farmers across Africa and help them gain access to the knowledge, infrastructure and tools they need in order to thrive.

Community Projects

Haller supports direct projects for communities and ecosystems through our delivery partner Haller Kenya – a centre of piloting and innovation – and works in partnership with local delivery partners to support projects using Haller approaches in select countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Action against Climate Change

The efforts that Haller undertakes, across both our communities and to restoring natural ecosystems, goes a long way in reducing carbon emissions and the negative effects that CO2 causes to people and to the environment. For example, we implement tree planting in all of our communities and teach them climate smart planting and the importance of planting indigenous trees and crops, which together enhances the land and soil around them.

Digital Tools for Farmers

Haller Farmers is an innovative mobile application providing smallholder farmers with affordable, organic and environmentally friendly farming techniques.

Project impact is scaled to selected countries in East Africa through delivery partners, and through the Haller Farmers app which connects farmers with knowledge, tools and a community marketplace. Haller Farmers acts as an online farming manual with up-to-date information and new features including the Square Plot – a visual representation of the ideal plot of land, perfectly designed for efficient land use using highly innovative systems.