Pearlfisher: Haller Farmers App

Pearlfisher: Haller Farmers App

When tech gets to the hands of the farmers themselves, how can it be used to release the riches of the land?

Haller Farmers App is an innovative tool designed to change lives for the better by getting farming knowledge into the hands of first-generation African farmers.

The Haller Foundation is a charity operating in Kenya that promotes economic development based on sustainable and environmental principles to help impoverished communities thrive.

In 2014, we worked with the charity for the design of its Haller Farmers App to support and educate small scale farmers across East Africa. Built on the success of the app and its farming benefits, we evolved the app’s design, ensuring its navigation is seamless and its user experience is both informative and inspiring.

To update the app effectively, we spent time with Kenyan farmers to research and test what works best for them. Our research resulted in an intuitive design with a process that gives hands-on, relevant solutions to local farmers – helping them live better self-sustainable lives by transforming landscapes, growing food, improving water conservation and regenerating communities.

Modern, graphic and visually rich, the educational content is segmented in a highly user-friendly way, providing farmer training techniques in an easy, step-by-step format and is supported by photography and audio in both English and Swahili to overcome illiteracy challenges.

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