What is the Haller App and how it’s assisting African Farmers

What is the Haller App and how it’s assisting African Farmers

Across Africa, unsustainable farming practices combined with climate change have exhausted the soil — leaving much of the ground unfarmable. In addition to the growing lack of arable land, agricultural knowledge and education have proven to be in short supply.


With this in mind, the Haller Foundation — a UK based charity and Kenyan NGO — devised a plan to provide farmers across the continent with the information, skills and infrastructure they need to thrive through an award-winning mobile app.


The Haller Farmers app leverages the increasing availability of mobile connectivity in Africa to promote viable farming techniques needed to maximise food production and help build thriving, self-sustaining communities.


Initially launched in 2014 and redeveloped as a native, downloadable app in 2020, Haller Farmers was thoroughly tested across Kenya, in conjunction with Ministry of Agriculture officials and smallholder farmers — making it designed and developed for farmers by farmers.

Available in both English and Swahili, the app has already equipped users in almost 50 countries worldwide with affordable, organic and environmentally friendly agricultural practices.


Besides Haller’s farming techniques, app users can also learn about Youth Farming, Human & Animal Conflict Management and Conservation. Furthermore, this digital tool allows farmers to connect with like-minded users from across the world through its messaging platform — the Noticeboard — where they can share their knowledge and the Haller team can provide support.


Today, the newly redesigned Haller Farmers is recognised as the “Best Android App of the Year 2020” at the UK App Awards. Crucial to the overhaul, Chairman of the Haller Foundation, Jonathan Ford says “by redesigning Haller’s original farmers’ app we have once again set the pace in line with technological advancement in sub-Saharan Africa and most importantly for the needs of the end-user – Haller inspired farmers everywhere.”


“Haller’s forward-thinking and sustainable farming methods are now shared freely and intuitively via widely available affordable app platforms. In doing so, it transforms both the lives and land of some of the most unsupported communities, drawing them together via a truly empowering tool.”


Download Haller Farmers for free from the Google Play Store now.


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