Sevenoaks Prep School – Power of 3

Sevenoaks Prep School – Power of 3

Sevenoaks Prep School have been supports of Haller for many years, and we are grateful for their continued efforts and generosity.

1. In May this year, they held their annual “Prep Idol” event, with pupils showcasing their talents on stage and as always, it was a great success. Thank you to all those who attended and donated.

2. In addition to “Prep Idol”, the school has donated around 80 educational books for our children’s library out in Kenya and due to a change in uniform, they are also donating school shirts for pupils at our community schools.

3. Finally, from September 2019, for each new pupil that registers with the school, a percentage of the registration fee will be donated to Haller.

A huge thank you to all pupils, staff and parents at Sevenoaks Prep.


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