Sponsor a Haller Journey

With your support, we want as many communities as possible to go through the Haller Journey. We know that this is a big commitment, which is why we also offer the opportunity to sponsor one section of the Haller Journey. 


For example, choose to sponsor WASH and see your community build itself sustainably from the ground up.


Alternatively, sponsor Grow with a so that hundreds of smallholder farmers can learn how to grow crops more efficiently on their land. They will be taught new techniques at the Haller Farmer Training Centre that will enable them to farm sustainably.


Interested in our innovative Haller Farmers App? Sponsor Scale so that we can improve the app user experience to drive growth. We also train members of each community on how to use the app so that they can share their knowledge with others.


Water and Community, Grow and Scale need to be supported by a network of Health, Education and Enterprise programmes over the five years so that communities can continue to live sustainably once we are gone.


To discuss Sponsorship opportunities please get in touch.