The Power of Partnerships

The Power of Partnerships

At Haller we have always sought to forge sustainable partnerships with like-minded organisations and charities to help us scale up our impact and further enrich the lives of smallholder farmers. Charity partnerships are no longer solely about making money and making employees feel good. Nowadays, they must be built on collaboration, delivering change to those who need it most and mutual benefit.

Haller has recently partnered with two separate organisations to help improve the promotion and dissemination of the new Haller Farmers app; Mara Phones and Deciwatt. Mara Phones create inclusive employment for women and young people in Africa through the manufacturing of smartphones, helping to drive local African economies. Mara Phones are offering people the opportunity to buy their smartphones at a discounted rate using the code ‘Haller’. These phones will then be distributed to communities which do not already have access to mobile technology. Deciwatt’s latest innovation, the NowLight, creates instant light and power by efficiently harnessing human effort. Pulling a cord for just a minute can create up to 2 hours of light or 15 minutes of talk-time on a mobile phone. Deciwatt have kindly donated a number of units to our communities in Kenya enabling them to improve their livelihoods through access to electricity, mobile technology and the skills that they need to farm sustainably.

Both of these partnerships allow us to scale up our impact and overcome the initial challenges of limited access to technology in rural communities. The power of these partnerships have the ability to unlock the potential of millions of smallholder farmers in Africa. We believe that through the distribution of information and technology, we can overcome this challenge.

Haller has also begun a collaboration with Tohum Design, a jewellery brand where art and nature collide. Tohum – to be human – are donating 10 percent of their net profits from their Coure Collection to Haller. These particular jewellery pieces were created “to remind us of self-love, love for one another and love for nature”. This on-going partnership allows us to make actionable change within many of our communities, encouraging them to build resilience, become self-sufficient and lead happier and healthier lives. You can read more about this partnership here: https://www.ft.com/content/cfee5a55-00b8-4553-8b62-1c67e129df28

The beauty of creating such lasting and successful partnerships is that they help to connect the dots across every aspect of our aims and objectives and they can and will enable action through collaboration. We believe in the strength of these relationships, creating a world of shared prosperity through collaborative action to transform lives in East African communities.

Moving forward, we are actively looking to establish new partnerships with individuals, businesses and NGOs to further scale up our impact, in harmony with others to create positive environmental and social change on a global scale. Together we are stronger.

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