Vespa’s 8th Annual Golf Day

Once again, Sunningdale was the stunning setting for the 8th Annual Golf Day, hosted in November by Vespa Capital.

During this time, the events have raised £300,000! We are hugely grateful to all 100+ golfers that took part, and of course, the team at Vespa Capital for arranging and supporting this wonderful event.

A long standing supporter of Haller, Gerry Strahan, who has visited our projects several times, gave a heartfelt speech as to why Euromoney and him personally, support Haller.  He stressed the effectiveness of Haller’s work given the difficult backdrop charities working in Kenya face.

This year’s funding is supporting our Health in Communities programme.  With 57% of the population relying on agriculture for their livelihood, poor health can have a huge impact on rural communities.  Being fit and healthy is essential to the wellbeing of farmers and their families.



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