Haller is committed to sustainable land use that regenerates soils and supports human livelihoods.

Stabilising the Soil

Once grown, trees act as stabilisers for the soil, transforming the land. Through the stabilisation of soil for example, dams will thrive and crop yields soar.

Reinforcing the Ecosystem

They also provide shade, which reduces evaporation and encourages predatory insect settlement in turn attracting insect-eating spiders, lizards and birds.

Source of Wood

As well as stabilising the soil for more efficient farming and water retention, the tree poles can be used as building material and the wood manufactured into charcoal for alternative fuel, helping the community to live more sustainably.

Fruits and Nuts

Forestry encourages a range of economic activities. Planting fruit and nut trees means diversifying community nutrition and potentially saleable produce year on year.


Female smallholder farmers benefit from increased water retention and soil stability, which improves crop yields and helps them to provide for their families.