Thousands of children around Mombasa are now being given more opportunities to take themselves further than ever before.

At Haller, we’re creating safe, natural environments where disadvantaged children can learn. And if they can’t reach us, we bring education to them.

Haller’s Youth Farming Initiative

Haller’s Youth Farming Initiative began in 2017 with the aim to tackle youth unemployment within rural farming communities. Designed for children from primary schools in and around Mombasa, Haller has worked to teach children the basic principles of farming, nutrition and income generation.

Nguuni Education Centre

Haller’s Education Centre can be found within a nature sanctuary in Nguuni. It is an oasis of green on the edge of grey slums, a lung amid the dust. Set up in 2006, it is clean, safe and supports 30,000 children from the slums around Mombasa each year, teaching them about the importance of the environment and hosting environmental activities, a film club, a bird-watching club and other youth groups.

The Children’s Library

The library at the education centre is Kenya’s first free children’s library. The Kenyan National Library Service and the Goethe-Institut awarded it Best Community Library in 2010. Stocked with over 11,500 books, it is an invaluable resource for children from 63 schools nearby.

The British Airways IT Centre

IT skills are vital for finding employment in Kenya but access to computers and IT education is limited. There are very few computers in schools and most schoolteachers are not IT literate. So, with the generous support of British Airways, we built and equipped a new computer centre next to the library. We run ICT training classes for young people so they can find employment at the end of their studies and they can access first class training programmes from international universities online.

Community Schools

In the rural communities Haller supports, children rarely go to school even though primary education is free in Kenya.  Instead they are required to help collect water, farm or look after their siblings. So we helped set up 3 community schools to give children the basic education they need to escape a life of poverty. Lessons – in adult literacy for example – are also available for parents.