Ensuring healthy and thriving communities.

Haller works with some of the most vulnerable rural communities in Kenya, living on barren land with no stable access to fresh water and usually out of reach of health services. The provision of a primary healthcare service lies at the heart of the success of the Haller Journey because farmers need to be fit and able to farm. The provision of healthcare is vital for these communities and targeting preventable illness is the first element of our Haller healthcare programme.


The Nguuni clinic is a community facility originally set up to serve Haller communities, but now also provides healthcare to the peri- urban people who live within a 6 mile radius. It is currently staffed by a clinician, nurse and diagnostic lab technician, part time pharmacist and receptionist. It provides a full service, Monday-Saturday, and provides outreach visits to rural communities on a weekly basis.


With recent renovations and extra treatment rooms we now offer the following services:



  • Antenatal Clinic
  • Child Welfare Clinic including under5’s vaccination programme
  • Family Planning
  • General Drop In Clinic



  • Haematology: Malaria, Dengue, Anaemia
  • Microbiology/ Virology Rapid tests for pregnancy, HIV, syphilis, typhoid, dengue, heliobacter pylori, hepatitis



  • Medicines sourced from Ministry of Health (MoH) & Haller
  • Nutritional supplements, mosquito nets provided by the MoHand USAID
  • Free regular medication to HIV and TB patients
  • Injectable antibiotics & fluids for administration by the clinician



  • Outreach clinic to rural communities offering child welfare clinic,
  • Childhood Vaccinations, post and antenatal, FP, general drop in clinics



  • Weekly educational health talks in community on varying topics
  • Educational DVDs and posters at the clinic