Impact of Bio-loos

17,100 Kenyan children under 5 die each year and 90% of those cases are related to dirty water.

Our bio-loos are an effective, low-tech way of preventing contamination of the water sources we put in place, encouraging basic hygiene practices and improving health.


The roof guttering of the bio-loos connect to a large water butt, capturing rainfall, which is used on the land during the dry seasons.


Improved hygiene and sanitation have clear benefits to a community. Haller also educates people about the innovative use of Moringa seeds and direct sunlight to purify water.


Crops such as bananas thrive when exposed to grey water, so channeling this from the bio-loos can lead to increased yields and incomes.


Haller educates women about menstruation in order to help them manage this process in a hygienic way. There is a bathing area with a standing bowl, attached to the bio-loo for their use.