Governance, Annual Accounts and Privacy Policy

At The Haller Foundation, we strive to ensure our governance is transparent and robust.


  • We maintain a constructive and frank equilibrium in the relationship between our trustees and our executive.
  • We have a diverse, skill-based board that does not avoid difficult issues,questions and decisions. It is aware of its fiduciary duties and holds the executive to account.
  • Our employees are not paid excessively.
  • We have policies in place that preclude aggressive fundraising tactics.
  • We have a robust reserves policy.


There will always be challenges to how our sector is run and we do not shy away from these. We take our responsibilities seriously and work hard to keep improving our governance.

Annual Turtle Reports

The Haller Foundation financially supports The Baobab Trust with Sea Turtle Conservation on the coast of Mombasa. We work hand in hand with the Kenyan Wildlife Service, sharing our annual data with them.


2019 Turtle Report