Donations make a huge difference to Haller’s impact in Kenya, in particular in helping to educate our communities on healthy and sustainable living.

Help us in our fight against COVID-19

£10 will provide one family with start-up seeds so they can begin farming organically and sustainably.

£25 will stock one dam with guppies, which eat mosquito larvae and can help reduce malaria.

£50 will fund the planting of fruit trees for an entire community.

£80 will “Teach a man to fish” with a 2-day aquaculture training session for a whole community.

£150 funds 3 days of farmer training; teaching 10 community members techniques for healthy, sustainable living.

“When I visited the Haller project at Mombasa I was deeply impressed by the simple but effective approach to using natural resources to maximise sustainable food production – so impressed that I made a donation, and would encourage others to do likewise!”

Lord David Steel